News Updates
This is where you shall find updates and news information from the company and from the administrator, also about anything and everything you need to know.

Splash Landing Page

Jul-23-2020 10:01:12 AM

We have designed a splash landing page for use by our affiliate marketers. You may want to upload a profile photo on your account to make this look more attractive for more lead conversions.

Please login to check this landing page and for your personalized link. Thank you.

Facebook Page

Jul-18-2020 07:05:45 AM

Please like the Facebook page at

Portuguese Language Version Availabl

Jul-13-2020 02:11:01 PM

We have added a new language on our website. Portuguese is now available.

Reviews and Facebook Group

Jul-8-2020 03:21:36 AM

Notifying everyone to take a look at the new banner dimension that we have for you to use at the Banners page or the referral links page (when logged in). This is a 250x250 pixel dimension banner which you can use for your promotional or marketing activities.

You may want to participate in the Facebook group which is a transparent group moderated by members like you. Here is the link:

Several blog reviews are available about BitNetworkers and you may see them at the following links:

I would like to invite you, the newly registered users to join the Telegram group at

Banner Hotlinking Allowed

Jun-30-2020 09:55:12 AM

Due to previous Cloudflare firewall rules, the banners, when hotlinked from our website were not showing up, but from hours ago, they all should be working and loading fine. Have a great day!

Launch Date

Jun-28-2020 12:05:27 PM

Today we launched If you want to register for an account, please feel free to do so. There is no obligation to make a deposit if you only want to do affiliate marketing. You will earn commission even if you do not make a deposit.